We can help in a wide variety of fields:

Security and Safety Solutions For: Individual, Home, Business and Anyone

Quality Solutions For: Manufacturing Industries and all types of businesses. Monitoring flaws in the finished products (metallic, wood or glass). Electric circuits and boards can be checked whether assembled properly or not.

Machine Monitoring: Monitoring whether the machines are working properly or not in any type of industry.

Professional Solutions For: Individuals and Companies who require video and image editing custom applications.

Tracing and Tracking Solutions: We Offer object tracking and object identification solutions.

Holistic Solutions For:  Industries, Home Security, and Business

We offer a complete hardware and software solution devoted for your task 24 X 7, with maximum functionality, with less consumption of power and at an unbelievable low price. We offer solution for your pc, be it windows, linux, mac and we also offer solutions compatible with your phone, be it android, windows or iphone.

Some outstanding features in security:

1)    Intruder alarm, motion detection, people detection, face detection and face recognition.

2)    Good compression of videos saving memory on your computer.

3)    Supports all cameras, inbuilt, USB, IP and DVR.

4)    Customized software based on a specific requirement for businesses or homes, like reading patterns, numbers, tracking, counting, marking…etc.

5)    Automatic Digital Attendance registers.

6)    We have an unbeatable secured solution which provides the maximum security possible.

7) Our Detection and Tracking algorithm works even when night vision is activated in your CCTV camera

Secure your premise with Eternal Vision

Solutions for Film Industry and Photo studios:

Either in animation or VFX movies we design special custom filters to be used on images or videos in any platform. image enhancement, auto blurring and auto marking of object in sequel images, grouping pics with similar objects, person from collection of photos …etc and any customized computer vision task that you would like to have.Automatic blurring for videos to hide sensitive or confidential objects.

General Solutions:

Picture, and video compressor. Video and audio converters and editors.

Handwriting converter to digital letters with better accuracy.


We design and develop software explicitly to fulfil your requirement, please feel free to contact us regarding your requirement and for an obligation free quote