Services and Products:

We cover Home, Businesses, Industries and Individuals providing computer vision software solutions. We offer a complete hardware and software solution in computer vision devoted for your task 24 X 7, with maximum functionality, with less consumption of power and at an unbelievable low price. We offer solution for your pc, be it Windows, Linux or Mac and apps compatible with your phone – android, windows or iPhone. Our services range a wide scope but mainly in the below areas.

Services For Safety, Tracking and Security

We provide unbeatable safety solutions with maximum security possible. For Home safety, we cover wide range of features which includes Pet tracking, object tracking alerting accurate intruder alarms. We have some outstanding features of our own and can develop customized software fulfilling your requirements.

Some of the features include:
• Face Detection & Face Recognition
• Pedestrian Tracking
• Pattern Tracking and Pattern counting
• Supporting all types of cameras – inbuilt, USB, IP and DVR
• Robust algorithm that works even when night vision is activated on CCTV Cameras
• Object Detection and Classification
• Good compression of videos saving memory on your computer


Services For Industries and Businesses

We provide machine monitoring & Production line inspection solutions using image processing tools, which gives reliable results.
Production line inspection features include:
• Monitoring for cracks in glass bottles
• Checking for Missing components in electronic circuit boards and component alignments/ position in circuit board
• Measuring the amount of liquid filled in bottles
• Counting finished products & confirming if number of products are in right quantity for every batch size
• Improper welding, Hole diameter or any other feature not matching template of that metallic component

Machine monitoring features:
• Identifying Cracks in Pipes that carries fluids
• Visually tracking pressure, temperature or any other parameter to determine normal functioning of machines.

Services for Companies, Businesses and Photo studios:

Either in animation or VFX movies we design special custom filters to be used on images or videos in any platform. image enhancement, Color correction filters, auto blurring and auto marking of object in sequel images, grouping pics with similar objects, person from collection of photos, Histogram Equalization, Video and audio converters and editors and any customized computer vision task that you would like to have. Automatic blurring for videos to hide sensitive or confidential objects.

Some of the features we provide include:
• Be more secure by using face recognition technique to unlock your PC and Apps.
• Gesture recognition.
• Automatic Digital Attendance registers.
• Customized multimedia converter as per your needs/requirement
• Picture Enhancement and Image Editing Apps.